Nico Nico Fighters

October 17, 2008

Is this real? Seriously is this real? ><

Epic fighting is epic… xD

The Real-Life Rick Roll

July 18, 2008

Rocketboom gets their revenge on Next New Networks founder Tim Shey after he posts a blind ‘rick roll’ link.

合唱 ニコニコ動画『裏組曲』2nd Track

July 1, 2008

ニコニコより sm2529813
Nico Nico Medley SECOND TRACK

MP3 Link: Click Here for the mp3

00:07-【01 – 残酷な天使のテーゼ/高橋洋子】
00:18【02 – ポケモン金銀 BGM(カントー地方)】
00:23【03 – 君がいれば/伊織】
00:27【04 – 禁じられた遊び/ALI PROJECT】
00:38【05 – 選ばれしエリート集団(通称 聖ルドルフ学院校歌)/ミュージカルテニスの王子様】
00:57【06 – Tunak Tunak Tun/Daler Mehndi】
1:02【07 – きみのためなら死ねる/DSソフトきみのためなら死ねる OP】
1:08【08 – お嫁にしなさいっ!/IOSYS】
1:16【09 – ○×最強計画/MOSAIC.WAV】
1:18【10 – 撲殺天使ドクロちゃん/千葉紗子】
1:40【11 – ポケモン言えるかな?/イマクニ?】
1:50【12 – フンフンフン♪だよ、らき☆すた(通称 らららコッペパン)/らき☆すた BGMより】
2:01【13 – 人として軸がぶれている/大槻ケンヂと絶望少女たち】
2:07【14 – ハヤテのごとく/KOTOKO】
2:44【15 – ウサテイ/IOSYS】
2:54【16 – バラライカ/月島きらり starring 久住小春】
2:59【17 – Levan Polkka/Loituma】
3:05【18 – 冒険でしょでしょ?/平野綾】
3:17【19 – プリズム/池田綾子】
3:29【20 – The world/ナイトメア】
3:38【21 – 銀河にねがいを/石川淳(星のカービィ スーパーデラックス より)】
3:49【22 – 君を乗せて/井上あずみ】
4:12【23 – 言葉にできない/小田和正】
4:24【24 – Windowsの警告音】
4:25【25 – Do Your Best/ミュージカルテニスの王子様】
4:49【26 – 雪、無音、窓辺にて/茅原実里】
4:54【27 – 人生美味礼讃/ALI PROJECT】
5:05【28 – 行けっ!ゴッドマン/水木一郎】
5:17【29 – ひぐらしのなく頃に/島みやえい子】
5:47【30 – BRAVE PHOENIX/水樹奈々】
5:57【31 – まっがーれ↓スペクタクル/小野大輔】
6:09【32 – ロマンス/ PENICILLIN】
6:19【33 – 強引niマイYeah~/絶望少女たち】
6:33【34 – 恋のミクル伝説/後藤邑子】
6:36【35 – 熱き決闘者たち/遊戯王デュエルモンスターズBGM より】
6:40【36 – ultra soul/B’z】
6:45【37 – ホットペッパーCM「まだ伴奏」篇 より】

reacTogon – Chain Reactive Performance Arpeggiator

June 23, 2008

So I randomly found this video for a reacTogon, a multi-touch sensitive music arpeggiator based on the harmonic table. It’s really cool if you haven’t seen one. Well at least I think it’s cool. Take a look.

Higher Quality Youtube Videos

April 13, 2008

Here’s an older trick I learned from Mr. Safety of SMP Films.

Since Youtube has crappy quality videos, everything really looks like a blur.

To somewhat fix this, add “&fmt=18” to the end of the url.

This will change the video quality from “Standard” to “High.” You can also notice the little television symbol next to the number of views also. This allows you to change it back to “Standard” if you so happen choose to.

Just try it. It works to some extent. I could see the difference…

You can actually see a big difference in this Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst video…

Well this is my random thing of the day. Hope it helps and enjoy…


“What Power is Compatible With You?” Take 2

April 9, 2008

Started to re-evaluate myself by starting with taking Painfulbliss’s quizzes once again. This is the result for it this time. And this is just my random thought of the day…

Your power is: Transformation

Explanation: Unlike everyone else you can change your body materia and transform into anything (e.g. an animal). This can be used in good purposes for infiltrating evil headcuarters or adjust your physical abilities by transforming and therefor do better in battle. If turned to the evil side, a transfomer could manipulate the “good guys” by looking like their loved ones and break them down.

As a person you are dissapointed with life. You have not so many interests anymore and has become depressed. Of course you can be happy, but your happiness subsides quickly and don’t last very long. You isloate yourself from people since you think they would only hurt you, but some part just wants someone equal who understands the pain. When you transform it gives you freedom and you can be anything but yourself. You often pity yourself but don’t let people come near and know what’s going on with you. But the thought of opening up and risking being betrayed is too strong and intimidating to even try.

Negative aspects: You carry much hate to the world and yourself and in the long run this could lead to dangerous thoughts (suicide/cutting/killing) though the last one is least likeable since you would probably just have too much guilt.

Formidable Opponent

February 29, 2008

So another drab time after class…

Everyone gathers up as normal and the same boring chatting begins. Nothing happens as usual. Nothing ever really happens.

Perhaps I spoke too soon as my friend got into a rather interesting predicament. Another struggle begins…

And for the record books, my friend is not gay.

Philip K.
Sung. T.