Maikaze DDR and Danmakufu

September 20, 2008

So maybe I didn’t exactly mean DDR but something well… okay it’s flash DDR for a couple of songs that you hear in those trailers for the Maikaze Anime Project. Found these links on the front page of the Maikaze website. Sorta picky about timing. Oh and be warned that spacebar is used for the ascii face… :3

Okay and back to danmakufu, I have been working on the first stage script. Just last week I spent around an hour thinking up of a story for this project I really want to finish in Danmakufu. I got a basic overlay of the story planned out along with the main character and the first boss.

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【ヤヤネ】Dreamin’, Wonder, Flowering tonightデュエット風ミックス【藤宮ゆき】

September 15, 2008

Flandre and Patchouli singing here…  :3

Since I don’t want to post again, I’ll just say it here. I’ll be returning to danmakufu on my free time and this time I plan on working slowly on creating a full game. With a lot of time and help from a couple of people for a few resources I’ll be needing I hope to at least get a first stage done by the end of the year. Well that’s my plans but usually never happens. We’ll see. Must look into creating custom player scripts along with some backgrounds. Aside from that, a little planning for story and spellcards and it’ll be a start. Wish me luck and if you want to lend a hand then tell me and I’ll be glad to receive your help.

New Danmakufu Stage Script

March 12, 2008

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on Danmakufu being busy and all with a lot of other things. But after about 4 or 5 days of work, I have created another stage. You can download it in the Danmakufu Scripts page found on the right side-bar.

In this stage I have integrated two new things I’ve learned from exploring the wiki.

1.  Creating bullets which stop and change their trajectories

2.  Conditional pass function based on whether you continued or not

Just download it and check it out. The stage isn’t as large as the other one. Also… it might not be as visually appealing since I didn’t feel like spending a lot of time on controlling the enemy sprites.

There you go, thank you and enjoy… ^^

Leave comments if you wish…

Random Danmakufu

January 24, 2008

So here I am again with more Danmakufu scripts I’ve been working on. Started this series of scripts perhaps 2 months ago but I’ve been lazy and I lost about a week because of the stomach flu and midterms.

That’s not the point here though. I’m done with it. I don’t want to make any improvements or add anything on to this script anymore. I’m done. Completely done. There probably are a few minor things that I need to change but whenever I find the time and willpower to make such changes I will.

So it’s finally done after countless hours trying to think of bullet patterns and trying to time everything so it flows decently well with the music I “borrowed” from Gundemonium: Recollections. Overall I think it’s a step up from my previous works. Too me a lot of time that’s for sure. Learned a few more tricks along the way and struggled to get a few things to work.

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Danmakufu – FantomFantasm

January 5, 2008

So look at what I found…

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Danmakufu Stage Attempt #1

December 27, 2007

So for those who don’t know… I’ve been messing around with Touhou Danmakufu, a relatively easy-to-use STG maker program which leans toward making Touhou-style games with C-like programming language.

You can download Touhou Danmakufu here if you want to experiment with the program.

*Note* : Requires Microsoft Applocale or Japanese to be installed on your computer…

Continuing… recently I started to write scripts for Touhou Danmakufu, some of which ended up relatively successful I suppose.

So I was able to create something like this:

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