IOSYS – 「博麗神社町内会音頭」

May 26, 2008

All I have to say it that this is EPIC! Watch it now. This is the best flash to ever be seen by mankind… Hakurei jinja!!!

Original Flash

Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism Demo – Stage 1-3

May 26, 2008

So the demo for Subterranean Animism was just released and I got my hands on a copy. Here is my first play through using MarisaC. You know… it just gets tiring using Reimu all the time. I never gave Marisa any attention. Now it’s her turn for a change and plus… I saw Nitori’s name so what could go wrong… Didn’t expect MarisaC to play exactly like the standard MarisaA from the other games.

So Graze is back. Now the more you graze the higher your score multiplier goes I believe. But it quickly goes away. There is that bar above your point item score that only goes up if you collect items using the Item Collect Border. That also raises your score.

Each character has different bombs once again also but your bombs still consume your attack power.

The new feature instead of 1-Up items is now partial life items. When you collect 4 or 5 of them, you gain another life. What makes it interesting is that a partial life is still considered a life so I guess that means you can basically be half dead… xD

[Stage 1]

So the first things you notice a lot is the spirals. The enemies swaying back and forth and the bigger yousei shooting the spirals of red and blue bullets. Really pretty. So a loli in a basket and umm I guess that’s the spider loli I hear everyone talking about.

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May 24, 2008

The newest videos for IOSYS new album, Touhou-Makashinsai.

【PAD】東方スイーツ! ~鬼畜姉妹と受難メイド~

May 21, 2008

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( ゚∀゚)彡 メイド! メイド! メイド!


May 17, 2008


Sorry… still got that other video stuck in my head… xD

(STEREO) 【東方】永琳に電気笛吹いてもらった【EWI】

May 15, 2008

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( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!
⊂彡 ふらふらフラン

May 6, 2008 has just released their newest flash ふらふらフラン (Fla-Fla Flan).

The object of the game is to keep Flandre balanced on the top of the roof while crystal shards are being added to her wings. There is a timer at the top indicating when the next piece will be placed if you do not place it yourself. You can control where the crystal shards are placed using the arrow keys and you place the shards by pressing X or space. When three crystals of the same color are aligned, they are destroyed and your score goes up by three. ie. red-red-red. Also, when you have two crystal shards of the same color are align with only one shard of different color in between (sort of like a sandwich) the same as above happens. ie. red-blue-red. When there is too much weight on one side of Flandre, she will begin to tip over. The game ends once she falls off the edge.

It’s a really cool puzzle game if you were to ask me. It’s really cool how the physics is integrated in this seeing how the further the shard is placed the more torque is produced.

If you got the time, play the flash game. It’s challenging… ^^

Super-uber cute… ><