Super Marisa World Custom Stages

March 21, 2008

Super Marisa World is a Touhou platformer by Double Cluster. It stars Marisa Kirisame and Koakuma. The majority of outside influence comes from Super Mario World (hence the name), but other Mario games are paid homage as well.

As of version 1.05, Super Marisa World gained the ability to read and play custom made stages. You can create your own stages by using a program called MarisawaPaint, a level editor created by Double Cluster also.

I’m sure for those you who have played Super Marisa World, this game is annoying beyond belief but with the level editor, it is time for you to return the favor and create your own annoying levels.

To start, you’ll need version 1.05 of Super Marisa World. If you do not have Super Marisa World, then you can download it at Doujinstyle.

The following patches and files could be found at Double Cluster‘s Website.

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PoFV – Aya(Eryth) vs. Sikieiki(CPU)

March 16, 2008

Aya vs. Sikieiki

This is me versus Sikieiki on Lunatic. I chose Aya. I’ve seen too many people beat Sikieiki using Medicine. Thought it’s more interesting using someone else.

I swear that she only gets hit only when she wants to. Just take a look at Sikieiki’s screen once in awhile and see her magical dodging at point blank range. And those portals aren’t nice. It’s not fair… T_T

Sometimes I don’t get it… at times they get hit very easily and at others they are invincible…

But somehow I pulled an epic victory out of nowhere. This just made my day…

Ayayayayaya…. xD

Oh yea… sorry for the slight slowdown, recording takes up resources also so yea…

New Danmakufu Stage Script

March 12, 2008

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on Danmakufu being busy and all with a lot of other things. But after about 4 or 5 days of work, I have created another stage. You can download it in the Danmakufu Scripts page found on the right side-bar.

In this stage I have integrated two new things I’ve learned from exploring the wiki.

1.  Creating bullets which stop and change their trajectories

2.  Conditional pass function based on whether you continued or not

Just download it and check it out. The stage isn’t as large as the other one. Also… it might not be as visually appealing since I didn’t feel like spending a lot of time on controlling the enemy sprites.

There you go, thank you and enjoy… ^^

Leave comments if you wish…

Blue Wish Resurrection Plus – Stage 5 Boss Hell

March 3, 2008


Here’s a run against the final boss in Blue Wish Resurrection Plus using Eden’s Edge. Though technically this isn’t the final boss since I believe there is one more boss after this if you go through the game on Hell difficulty and did not continue.

As you can see, this is a lot like Mushihimesama and Mushihimesama Futari created by CAVE. This is a freeware game. This game was created by x.x and can be found here:

OH and god there was a lot of slowdown…