PatchCon: Defend the Library!

December 31, 2007

It’s finally here and I got it… PatchCon: Defend the Library!

For those that don’t know what I’m talking about… Take Touhou and add Real Time Strategy and you get this, a creation of Tasogare Frontier.

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Wine Tasting

December 30, 2007

Just a short visit to the store. We end up coming back with our groceries and something we rarely get… a nice bottle of Robert Mondavi 2005 Zinfadel. So we bring it home to where our dinner awaits. Time passes by and finally the moment comes… we decide to open up it up.

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IOSYS – これはキモちのいいけーね

December 29, 2007

So finally C73 starts. And with C73 comes games, music, and doujinshi. YAY!

Speaking of music… IOSYS’s last video was released recently…


Soft Language

December 28, 2007

Anyone noticed how as time goes on, language tries to more and more “soften” the blow on people? George Carlin has something to say about this.

Danmakufu Stage Attempt #1

December 27, 2007

So for those who don’t know… I’ve been messing around with Touhou Danmakufu, a relatively easy-to-use STG maker program which leans toward making Touhou-style games with C-like programming language.

You can download Touhou Danmakufu here if you want to experiment with the program.

*Note* : Requires Microsoft Applocale or Japanese to be installed on your computer…

Continuing… recently I started to write scripts for Touhou Danmakufu, some of which ended up relatively successful I suppose.

So I was able to create something like this:

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IOSYS – Power of Dream

December 22, 2007

New from IOSYS is a flash for their latest album Touhou Kasokusochi.

Sispri Gauntlet – Stage 14

December 3, 2007

So here’s my run through one of the stages in Sispri Gauntlet FE.